Welcome to Applied Universal Alchemy

Applied Alchemy is a multifaceted transformation process where the entire Focus is YOU!
You as a Human being, you as a Global citizen, you as a Universal contributor.
For you are all this and so much more!

Your existence truly matters!

Your Individual Design within The Grand Design is perfectly orchestrated to coordinate what seem like personal challenges/issues/ trauma/wounds to leverage your Soul’s expansion, the evolution of this planet, the human species and the Universe as a whole.

Yes, you are that vitally important!

The way to do this is to simply come to ‘Know Thyself’ on all the many levels of you. Thereby naturally and organically coming to compassionately love thyself. Which then automatically extends that love to everything and everyone you encounter.

Additionally, your innate intuitive abilities come ‘online’ enabling you to have constant contact and communication with not only all your personal Helpers, but the very Earth itself, Nature, your environment, virtually everything and everyone visible and invisible. To guide and assist you, encourage you, validate you, applaud you, and in all respects confirm that you are so very much not alone in this Earth-life project.

This unique transformation process is a method by which you discover Yourself, Your Way, Your Soul’s Destiny. Automatically transforming your life into what you dream it can be! 

People have believed that the process of Alchemy was an attempt to change a worthless metal, lead, into the valuable metal gold. When in fact it was the spiritual process of transforming the negative or Shadow aspects of human nature into its Noble golden spirit.

“Applied Alchemy”, is a proprietary process of change, developed over 45 years, which combines the ancient arts of alchemy with modern day science where you will learn how to work with the outer universe and your Innerverse to transmute detrimental/harmful/damaging patterns that weigh you down (lead) into the Gold of Freedom to consciously and purposefully live from and as your True Self – Full Out!







About Andrea


Andrea Regal has been practicing and teaching the psychoenergetics of the human experience for over 40 years. Her upbringing in the worlds of complementary and allopathic medicine fueled her constant search through traditional clinical psychology, multiple modalities of energy medicine including the Barbara Brennan School, Healing Touch program, Pathwork among others, in conjunction with decades of Metaphysics, studies in eastern and western religions and philosophies as well as Ancient Wisdom traditions in North and South America while living there.

This ultimately led to over 20 years of Shamanic training and practice with 8yrs of specializations in both Professional Earthkeeping and over 10yrs in Spiritual Law.

“Throughout more than 43 yrs of teaching and counseling my passion has always been to create a bridge of connection and communication between the individual and their inner world; between their inner world and their relational world of family, spouse/partner, friends. And their greater world of nature, the planet and the Divine.”

Andrea combines her training with her innate psychic abilities to receive information from wide ranging sources. Andrea is passionate about assisting others to access their Soul Purposes through the Hero’s journey of the psyche thereby opening portals to other realities for multilevel, multifaceted, multidimensional FREEDOM!


 The Applied Alchemy process is a multilevel system whose levels are differentiated by the rate of speed or need at which you desire to live your Soul’s destiny.

The Applied Alchemy approach is an advanced accelerated method encompassing the All of You – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically so that change can be permanent. Enabling you to shapeshift into your True Self and shift the shape of your life into what you dream it can be!

Gateways to the Academy of Applied Alchemy


Individual Gateways:

“Alchemical Alignment” Session

Within a Safe, Secure Sacred Geometric Construct, I will journey you down deep within to a ‘still’ point of tranquility. This can reveal where you originate from, the exceptional supernatural gifts, abilities and energetic connections you bring to this planet for personal and planetary advancement all then sealed with a Divine Anointing Message through Young Living Essential Oils.

“Psychoalchemy” Session

This can reveal and transform your unconscious patterns enabling you to make choices you were unaware were even open to you. You will likely experience and access guidance from a wider spiritual perspective to apply in your daily life. You’ll also receive deep Energetic transmissions upgrading your body and Energy Field, allowing for more ease on your path.

“Alchemical Transmutation Immersion”

This incorporates eclectic modalities of psychoenergetics to reveal the deeper ‘knowing’ within the psyche, transforming the body and energy field to create a radical shift in one’s perspective of reality. This expanded awareness enables new ways of relating to yourself, others, the planet and beyond. From this awakened consciousness comes alignment with your Soul’s Purpose, increased Life Force and connection to the multidimensionality within and around us.

“Essential Oils Consult and Training”

This entails a personalized Psychic Reading, Recommendations and Messages through the Plant Wisdom of Therapeutic Grade Young Living Essential Oils. (Follow up training and Guidance for you and your family as a YLEO Partner: in their uses and benefits; how to safely apply and ways to make your whole home/office and environment toxin free; plus how to strengthen your own intuitive abilities.)



Group Gateways

“Applied Alchemy Crucible”

The Applied Alchemy Crucible is calling in and upon all those who know that physicality is an outcome of consciousness. Those spiritual Seekers who want to participate in a transformational group where the knowledge and experiences of each member, humanly and beyond, alchemically combine for exponential power to alter individual patterns. Which automatically advances the Evolutionary process of Humanity.

“One man can accomplish anything once he realizes he can be part of something bigger.” Nick Fury

This exceptional group will meet virtually once a month experiencing:

  • A 1:1 mini session slot of 20min, when signed up in advance, within the group setting of individual ‘Readings’ or personal Energy Field adjustments
  • The Sacred Geometrics of a dedicated group of powerful Human Beings and the Safety and Security that is embedded in such a Sacred Geometric configuration
  • Activations from Dimensions, Worlds and Realms amplifying your co-creative proficiency
  • Transmissions of Cutting Edge Energetics to widen your Spiritual scope
  • Identify, sharpen and hone your Natural intuitive abilities
  • Access structures of your own Energy Field, the Earth and Nature to increase your body’s healing abilities
  • Enhance your Dreaming both in sleep and awake to Image-ine your new life and New Earth
  • Obtain real time support, validation and confirmation from the members and myself in a private WhatsApp Group
  • Discover what is under and behind all that is occurring in the world and why it is perfect and right on time

The Crucible will meet once a month on Zoom. First gathering will be in April 2nd 2024 at 7pm

This is an investment and commitment to yourself and the members for Eight (8) months that will transform your personal life as well as the Whole.

Given the deep personal transformations and the Energetics of the container creating a profound cohesiveness between and among the members, this will be a closed group. (Contact me directly if you need to enter the following month of May)

Sign up by March 28th 2024 and receive a special gift!

Gatherings will be recorded so you can drop into the Energetic Practice and continue to benefit between gatherings.

This Virtual Crucible will be approximately 2.5hrs to 3hrs (depending on the members present and the state of the world) (Initial meeting Tuesday April 2nd at 7pm)

People are saying

Spending even short amounts of time with Andrea recently has been so enlightening! I have never in my life, had someone “show me the way” to clearer truth of life situations. She has helped me through many powerful breakthroughs in our short time spent together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Andrea! You have helped me see “the light” much more clearly!

Jane S.

My sessions with Andrea were amazing! With her expertise and guidance, I was able to feel what being in my body feels like. I was able to feel my very presence. I feel more confident and the power of my true self, since our work. I highly recommend working with Andrea.

Shirley H

In the course of each session working with Andrea, emotional issues arise as we focus on what is most troubling to me at the moment. She helps me identify the original sources of my pain, anger, sadness and fear and to deepen my ability to feel and recognize my defenses. As I experience those wounds, she mirrors back to me what is going on in my energy field and transmits healing energies transforming them, allowing me more freedom of choice in my life, gradually learning and growing into my authentic Self.

Dr. Vicki

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For appointment please call 856-904-5566 between the hours of 9 AM – 7 PM, Mondays through Saturdays. During the week I offer evening appointments as well. All cancellations are to be made by phone with at least 48 hours notice. Should you not advise of any changes or cancellations prior to 48 hours, or should a client not show for a session a full session fee will be assessed.